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On Barry Zito's New(ish) Delivery

I don't know how I missed this article on Barry Zito's new mechanics, which were intelligently designed by guru Tom House.


Oh, yeah. That Tom House. And it's evident that Zito's doing something differently when he gets in the stretch. He gets in a crouch before he delivers. I figure that the players on the Giants with regrettable contracts have had such good success using a bizarre crouch, that it can't fail.

All snarkiness aside, I'm open to anything. And I'm glad Zito is too. His start on Friday night was good -- love it when Zito gets strikeouts -- though there was still moments where he fought his control. It's spring. Best shape of his life, learned a new pitch, tinkering with his delivery, canyon tossing, putting the past behind him, moving ahead one step at a time, newly focused and ready to go. It's spring.

But I'm not expecting Zito to get Cy Young votes; I'm hoping he can be Chris Narveson. That'd be awesome. If Zito's work with Tom House gets him closer to that, I can believe for another couple of weeks. Spring!