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Looking for Mods in All the Wrong Places

Have you ever dreamed of deleting people's comments, spying on new users to see if they're sock puppets, and making people look at pictures of Tommy Lasorda until they click a warning button? Maybe modding is for you. Maybe.

What I'm looking for is an even-keeled person who hangs around this site regularly, especially during games. Duties include opening overflow GameThreads and deleting pictures and/or posts of questionable content. It's a pretty lax attitude over here compared to the jackbooted thugs over at Lookout Landing.

Uh, you get to see hidden posts and comment on them with the other moderators. You also get to snoop around the image library and my drafts folder. That's kind of cool.

People freak out on you all the time. It's totally not worth it. They'll say you've changed. You'll get harassing e-mails from people who frighten you. Horrible people with weird axes to grind will target you because this is a really serious internet website we've got going here and everything about it is very important.

So other than it not being worth it at all, it's totally worth it. E-mail me at the address at the bottom of the page if you wish to be considered. I'll probably pick a couple of people after some heavy-duty background checks. Urine samples are required. Please send them to Goofus, whose physical address is furnished upon request.

Also, since this is a state of the McC address, I'd like to welcome Every6thDay to the stable of writer, as he's graciously agreed to pick up a few post-game threads this year. If he displeases me with his work, he will disappear like that one guy with all the equations.