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Gregor Blanco, Fourth or Fifth Outfielder

Remember this post about Justin Christian, in which I passively suggested that he had something more than a one-percent chance of being the next Andres Torres? No, of course you don't. I didn't until I accidentally hit the wrong button on my browser and reread it.

The point wasn't that I was especially sorry about Christian being removed from the 40-man roster, but that Andres Torres ruined my view of fourth and fifth outfielders forever, and that I was prone to becoming irrationally excited over speedy, late-blooming center fielders. I think I'm better now.

"Gregor Blanco continues to make a case for a 25-man roster spot.

The non-roster invitee went 2-for-3 and stole his fifth base of the spring.

He could offer Bochy speed and defense off the bench as the team’s fourth outfielder if they decide to dedicate a spot to him on the Opening Day roster." - CSN Bay Area

Welp. That didn't last long. All aboard the Gregor bandwagon. Every spring has to have a player like this -- complete with a backstory of him murdering a winter league somewhere -- and every spring I get sucked in. And I know it's ridiculous.

Except Blanco has a career major-league OBP of .358 in over 800 plate appearances ...

... and he can play a pretty good center by most accounts ...

... and his biggest problem as a hitter -- a complete lack of extra-base power -- certainly wasn't an issue in Venezuela ...

And I'm sold. Well, almost sold. Blanco's a left-handed hitter, and the Giants are a little imbalanced on that front. But I'm thinking with the switch-hitters in left and center, they might overlook that.

I'm in! Welcome to the roster in my mind, Gregor Blanco. I'm sure that nothing can happen in the next three weeks to mess this all up. Nothing at al.