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Link Dumpin'


Ex-big leaguer Foppert thriving as Marin Catholic pitching coach - Marin Independent Journal

McCovey Chronicles: All Foppert, all the time.

"I'm old, I'm over the hill," Foppert, 31, said with a smile. "(The Vogelsong story) definitely gets me thinking. But I'm loving what I'm doing now."


Suuuuue! ... Ribaaaay! - Ventura County Star

Juan Uribe isn't expected to report to Camelback Ranch with the rest of the Dodgers' position players Monday; he is scheduled to be in a San Francisco courtroom that day. Uribe is being sued by his former landlord for $145,000 in damages resulting from a kitchen fire he is suspected of starting while playing for the San Francisco Giants in 2010. The trial is set to begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Dude started a fire at the same time he was on the field. That takes talent.


Giants Give Mays $90,000 Pact -

Willie Mays signed his 1962 contract with the San Francisco Giants today. The pact probably made him baseball's highest paid player at about $90,000.

What was life like before Google? Probably made him baseball's highest-paid player. I dunno. It's likely. I guess I could call a few people but ... no, that's probably the highest salary in hey is that the new Jumble?


NY Mets & David Wright not thinking about extension yet, but team wants third baseman to be face of franchise - NY Daily News

What would it take for the Mets to trade David Wright?

"Four Zack Wheelers," was the estimate of one executive familiar with the club’s thinking, referring to the top pitching prospect the team acquired last year from San Francisco for Carlos Beltran.

I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a David Wr ... wait, four top prospects? Even Sabean would tell him to not let the hyperbole hit his ass on the way out.


Dan Runzler: Person of Interest - El Lefty Malo

I was actually going to do a little story on Runzler instead of this link post, and I'm glad I didn't. Lefty would have figured I was plagiarizing being a little loose with my idea sourcing. It would have been another honest mistake! I swear. Now you get to read Lefty instead. That's probably what you should have done in the first place.


Gary Brown profile - Bullpen Banter
If you can't get enough prospect talk -- and I can't -- here's a non-biased evaluation of Brown for your perusal.


Matt Cain and fair value - Bay City Ball – A Giants Blog
Guh. Chris's algorithms spit out a 6/$120M deal as "fair value", but only after answering "love" the first six times. I still think the deal's going to be closer to 5/$100M, but I'm probably just being a fanboy idiot.