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Sickels: Two Giants Prospects in the Top 120

Picture unrelated. Picture still awesome.
Picture unrelated. Picture still awesome.

John Sickels' book is out, which means that it's time for his top 120 list. Why 120? I can't remember. Maybe it's in honor of Antonio Alfonseca, and a nod to the idea that if we all had 12 fingers, we'd use a base-12 numerical system. Or maybe it's just because it allowed Joe Panik to sneak in.

43. Gary Brown
117. Joe Panik

System's thin, folks. There are young players to work with at the major-league level, of course, so it's not as dire of a situation as it otherwise might be. Still, the system's thin. Don't look at where Zack Wh ... dammit, I told you not to look.

Also, don't count up the Padres. I said don't co ... dammit, you just don't listen.

The most important thing to take away from this, of course, is that there's a Rangers prospect named Rougned Odor. He's 17, so there is still time to make up a definition for "rougned" and pretend it was a real adjective all along. I'm going with "metallic, yet earthy, not unlike a trip to the bathroom after a plate of asparagus."

The other important thing is that I'm really getting attached to the idea of Panik being a good prospect. He hit .341 with a little extra-base power in the Northwest League before turning 21. It's been too long since the Giants had a middle infielder who doubled as an offense-minded prospect. Here's to Panik being that guy.