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Official Too Early To Panic Panic Thread

Every year. I just don't learn. Every year I get surprised by the spate of minor tweaks and twerks that come with resuming baseball activities after a long hiatus. Right now, for example, TIM LINCECUM IS BROKEN. SOURCE.

Giants right-hander Tim Lincecum was scratched from his scheduled bullpen throwing stint Tuesday morning with a stiff back.

Lincecum threw briefly on flat ground before retiring to the athletic trainers' room to receive treatment. The injury isn't considered serious.

IT ISN'T CONSIDERED SERIOUS. Oh, wait. It isn't considered serious. It would be swell to escape spring training without a single one of these stories -- easier on the ol' ticker when you see the headline crawl across Twitter -- but they're inevitable. Lincecum and Ryan Vogelsong have one functional back between them right now, but it's February. Everyone is getting back into shape. Heck, I pulled my groin doing power rankings again because the offseason made me soft.


Anyway, you should click on that power-rankings link. That was the main point of that last paragraph. The point of the whole post is that Tim Lincecum's back is stiff, and now we're aware of it. The ancillary point is that you should go through the comments on the story on Lincecum.

He's hurt and knew it when he held the Giants and their fans hostage for his last contract. it should be illegal. Everyone said his body would break down quickly because of bad mechanics!

Part of me wishes there were some sort of service I could pay to create this endless entertainment; the rest of me is glad that it already exists, and it's free.