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Sunday Link Dump Coming Down


From Extra Baggs:

I’ve covered enough spring training baseball to know: teams almost always act to protect their inventory when they decide who stays and who goes to Triple-A Fresno. So even a terrific spring might not win Belt a job if Huff has an equally impressive camp. If the choice for a roster spot comes down to Belt and Emmanuel Burriss, only Belt has minor league options remaining.

"If the choice for a roster spot comes down to Belt and Emmanuel Burriss, only Belt has minor league options remaining."

"If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college."


Ryan Vogelsong's spring delayed by injured back | News

Vogelsong told the AP that he was squatting on a balance ball with 70-pound dumbbells on Feb. 7 when he sustained the injury. According to the report, Vogelsong had been using the same weight throughout the offseason and the injury is "not too bad, but we want to make sure we're cautious."

This is the kind of thing that you read before the follow-up article, "Vogelsong Undergoes Procedure to Remove Vertebrae Through Nose," so it's absolutely appropriate to freak out. It's worth noting that we were all freaking out about Matt Cain's elbow around this time last year.


Ray Ratto: Brian Sabean - a man amongst bloggers

Brian Sabean may not be all things to all people -- but with an information glut that needs constant tending and feeding, he has been forced to consider other outlets for advancing the organization’s methodologies, and he is willing to expand the conduits to the audience more in the future.

Nice look at the blogger interview that Sabean was subjected to throughly enjoyed.


Barry Zito’s potential redemption story could be similar to Alex Smith’s -- Bay Area Sports Guy
I'm an unabashed Alex Smith apologist and defender. I'm ... less so when it comes to Barry Zito. But when Smith got the Niners to the NFC Championship, someone -- I think it was Henry Schulman -- made the analogy that it was like Zito pitching the Giants into the NLCS with a brilliant Game 7. It's not a perfect analogy, but on the Bay Area surprise spectrum, it's pretty close.


Four Angel Pagan Facts -- Giants Nirvana
Nice restraint here, as these are actual facts. I would have posted "HIS NAME IS AN OXYMORON. I'M FREAKING OUT. NO, I DO NOT NEED TO CHILL OUT IN THE TENT. GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME" four different times and called it a day.


Beisbolcubano on
Starting at 11:00 a.m. PT, there's supposed to be the Cuban League All-Star Game streaming from that link. Not sure if it'll work, but the important thing is that it gives me a chance to link something I wrote about Alfredo Despaigne, who has become something of an obsession of mine.