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Five Questions

From Henry Schulman, we have the annual five questions. He put these up weeks ahead of schedule trying to get the jump on the other beat writers who haven't even started to think about their five questions! Wily, wily Henry Schulman.

The five questions are as follows:

1. Will Buster Posey be an offensive force again?
2. Can the team score 700 runs?
3. Is this the year (Brandon Belt) emerges?
4. Will 2012 be the final year in San Francisco for Matt Cain and Barry Zito?
5. Will Brian Wilson's elbow hold up?

Gimme yes, no, yes, no, no on those. I'd truly like to believe that there's some sort of difference in the length of the leash the Giants will give Aubrey Huff this year compared to last year, and I'm almost coming around. I have trust issues with this team, though.

I still have no idea why they got Jose Vizcaino and Rey Sanchez to block Rich Aurilia, for example. I guess Aurilia was the original Belt, and that must mean Belt will be around in 2022, annoying us by starting over the prospect of the hour.