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Baggs Drops the Mic

Wait, I guess he picked one up. This is all so confusing.

Just a note of thanks and some wishes of good luck for Andrew Baggarly, who wrote his farewell to the Mercury News yesterday.

Though what I do is completely different from what the beat writers do, I wouldn't do it nearly as well without them. I'm dependent on them. And I'm not going to name names, but there are beat writers around the league who wouldn't make my job as fun. I like the Giants guys, and I especially liked the mix of analysis and personality that went into Extra Baggs. That will be missed, even as it carries on with a different name and different curators.

But because I spend most of my time during the days and nights writing instead of reading, I'm more likely to tune into a Chronicle Live or pre-game show than I am to read a recap. So in that sense: more Baggs! This has to be a dizzying, exciting time for him, and I wish him the best of luck.

Just watch out for that Maiocco character, Baggs -- I have it on good authority that he's cunning, deceitful, and ruthless*.

*Not really. He seems very nice. I just wanted to test out the adjective I invented: Maiocciavellian.