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Quick Lineup Thread

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Here's what MLB Depth Charts thinks the Giants' lineup will be:

1 CF Angel Pagan
2 LF Melky Cabrera
3 3B Pablo Sandoval
4 C Buster Posey
5 1B Aubrey Huff
6 RF Nate Schierholtz
7 2B Freddy Sanchez
8 SS Brandon Crawford

Your task: to come up with a lineup of your own using all available parts. My attempt ...

1. Angel Pagan - CF
2. Brandon Belt - 1B
3. Pablo Sandoval - 3B
4. Buster Posey - C
5. Melky Cabrera - LF
6. Nate Schierholtz - RF
7. Freddy Sanchez - 2B
8. Brandon Crawford/Mike Fontenot - SS

Well, that was fun. The best part about Melky Cabrera hitting fifth is that Melky Cabrera is hitting fifth. Whatever. The first at-bat of the 2010 season was taken by leadoff hitter Aaron Rowand, so I suppose we shouldn't pay too much attention to this sort of stuff.