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Giants nab Scott Shuman in minor-league Rule 5

In the minor-league portion of the Rule 5 Draft, the Giants selected Scott Shuman, a 24-year-old reliever, from the Tampa Bay Rays. Who will probably never make the majors.

This is an aside to remind you that Eugenio Velez is one of the most successful minor-league Rule 5 picks in the history of the Rule 5 Draft. This is not hyperbole, not a joke. When it comes to playing time in the majors, Velez is one of the best players to ever get drafted in the minor-league portion of the Rule 5 draft.

So there are long odds. BUT CHECK THIS GUY OUT:

Year Age Lev ERA IP H HR BB SO BB/9 SO/9
2009 21 Rk 0.82 22.0 18 0 9 29 3.7 11.9
2010 22 A-A+ 2.92 74.0 50 5 40 114 4.9 13.9
2010 22 A 3.01 71.2 50 5 38 111 4.8 13.9
2010 22 A+ 0.00 2.1 0 0 2 3 7.7 11.6
2011 23 A+ 4.70 51.2 28 3 59 86 10.3 15.0
2012 24 AA 8.83 34.2 32 3 47 54 12.2 14.0

Amazing. Hilarious. The good news is the Giants don't have to keep him on the roster all year like the major-league Rule 5 draftees. Wait, that's the bad news. C'mon, we've already won two championships -- don't you just want to be entertained? This guy would qualify.

But this is an interesting pick. John Manuel is impressed.

/throws shuriken to backstop

Hey, if Jeff Nelson can make it, so can my man Shuman.

The Giants didn't lose Brock Bond in the draft, which gives you an idea of what the rest of the baseball world thinks about him, too. In the minor-league portion, the Giants lost Cameron Lamb, a 23-year-old pitcher who hasn't pitched above Salem-Keizer. He's from Australia, where they don't have a lot of organized ball/running water, so he's probably a little raw.

Still, look at those strikeouts! Those walks! Scott Shuman, color me fascinated!