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Diamondbacks sign Cody Ross, Giants claim Sandy Rosario

Ross to play mid-fifth-back field for the Diamondbacks; Rosario to compete for the Guillermo Mota/Keiichi Yabu back-of-the-bullpen memorial spot.

Source: Rosario throws a circle change
Source: Rosario throws a circle change
Chris Trotman

Well, that was unexpected. Despite having a gaggle of outfielders and a couple on the way from the minors, the Arizona Diamondbacks signed Cody Ross to a three year, $26 million contract. The good news is that Ross will annoy Dodgers fans for years and years. The bad news is he'll annoy Giants fans, and now that we totally have a second title, it's not like what he did back there was really that impressive*.


Ross is basically Harmon Killebrew against left-handers (and Nate Schierholtz against right-handers), so I would have loved for the Giants to get him on a two-year deal. Alas, he got a three-year, so I can't blame the Giants for scurrying out. Three years? Not for a platoon player. Heck, that's middle-relief money.

Oh, Cody. Wish you could have gone to the Twins or something. And I also wish I knew what in the heck the Diamondbacks were scheming. Because they're totally scheming something.

There is a little good news on the transaction front, though, with the Giants claiming Sandy Rosario off waivers. Rosario's offseason so far:

  • Waived by the Marlins, who were scared he was going to take office supplies home
  • Claimed by the Red Sox
  • Traded by the Red Sox to the A's for cash
  • Re-claimed by the Red Sox when the A's admitted "lol cash."
  • Claimed by the Cubs when the Red Sox removed him from the roster to make room for Ryan Dempster
  • Claimed by the Giants when the Cubs removed him from the roster to make room for Edwin Jackson.

Man, that had to have been annoying for him. But he'll probably stick in the Giants' organization now, and I think there's a good chance he'll stick.

Year Age Lev ERA IP H HR BB SO BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
2009 23 A--A 3.38 82.2 105 5 14 77 1.5 8.4 5.50
2010 24 A-AA 3.52 92.0 92 9 17 125 1.7 12.2 7.35
2011 25 AA-AAA 4.14 54.1 57 4 22 50 3.6 8.3 2.27
2012 26 AAA-A+-AA 1.99 31.2 26 2 5 29 1.4 8.2 5.80
7 Seasons 3.48 310.0 335 21 73 319 2.1 9.3 4.37

Great command and a decent strikeout rate? Yes. Yes, indeed. I'll take a flier on a minor leaguer like that every time. Of course, at this time last year, I was shilling hard for Dan Otero, and that didn't do a lot of good. But there probably isn't a downside to the Rosario move.

Ross in the same outfield as Angel Pagan would have been like Dylan coming back to West Beverly to interact with the new cast members, dammit.