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Someone tweeted the following picture to Andrew Baggarly:

Well, I'll be. Is that Tim Lincecum? If it is, his hair is short. HIS HAIR IS SHORT. ENHANCE.



Well, I'll be jiggered. Let's compare this to other pictures of Tim Lincecum:

Analysis #1

Look at the ear. It's rounder and more compact on the new Lincecum, longer and thinner on the old Lincecum.

Conclusion: That second picture was taken with a radish, not a camera phone. You can't tell anything from it.

Analysis #2

The chin seems to have the same length in both, (b.) but what about the shape of the face? The nose (c.) seems to be a fit, as does the hairline. See the little wedge above his sideburns (a.)? There for both.

Conclusion: Seriously, see the little sprocket icon when your camera is up? Tap that. Then move the setting from "4 pixels" to "8 pixels." You'll thank me later.

Analysis #3

When Tim Lincecum has long hair, he really, really riles up the Phillies fans.

This is an important, game-changing distraction.

Conclusion: Why are we talking about this? Man, the offseason sucks. I took a bunch of screenshots only to remember I don't care if Tim Lincecum's hair is long. Trade something, dammit.

Analysis #4

Here is Tim Lincecum striking out a bunch of Tigers in a World Series game:

Conclusion: That was awesome.