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Weekend Link Dump

All the links that are fit to link.

Leon Halip

San Francisco Giants Top 15 Prospects (2012-2013) | FanGraphs Baseball
The top 15 prospects from FanGraphs. Let me guess at the one of the entries.

Brock Bond's Q3 rating is more daxterious than the MRfff of other prospects, but his åµΩ is showing a potential of cosining, so he's probably the best in the system.

lol because they love stats. No, seriously, Hulet's good with the prospects, and the list is a good read. In Dick we trust. Dick Tidrow. Maybe that should be phrased "In Tidrow we trust." I'll take it under consideration.


Q&A with SF Giants Farm Director Fred Stanley | San Jose Giants News
And if you're interested in that, you'd be interested in this. Joe Ritzo talks to Fred Stanley, getting the skinny on some of the players Ritzo will get to call in San Jose this year.


SF Giants Kruk & Kuip Bobblehead Sound Mod Hack - YouTube
This exists ... and is oddly compelling for bobblehounds.


Home movies of the 1960 San Francisco Giants - YouTube
And then you were all, "Hey, I wonder if McCovey Chronicles has a video with a shirtless Matty Alou today? I'm going to check." You came here, and I didn't disappoint. I have my finger on the pulse of Giants fans everywhere.


Candid Voices - YouTube
This is just one part of a three-part interview with Jon Miller, who is really hard to pull out of his shell. The interviewer is Donny Baarns, who broadcasts for Visalia, so this happens to be an unintentionally Cal League-themed link dump.


Baseball Prospectus | BP Unfiltered: Which WAR(P) Are You?
If you read one baseball-related thing this month, this is probably it. Sam Miller pokes a little fun at our WAR obsession by pointing out the inconsistencies of the three different calculations. There are pictures if you don't like reading!


I want this
And on a personal note, I'm abusing my power because I want to find the Tickle-Me Elmo of bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle. The website says you can find it at Beltramo's in Menlo Park, but, of course, you can't. You can't find it anywhere. There are articles written in the Atlantic about how you can't find it. So if you know a guy who knows a guy, it would make for an unbelievable Christmas present.

For me.

Okay, maybe someone else.

(But I'd get to try it.)

(Pappy Van Winkle makes me feel like Jonah Hill in this scene. I just want to give you money for your product, you stupid company.)