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Sunday Morning Link Dump

This post is an excuse to make a new thread!


Cameron: The 25 Best - and Worst - Free Agent Values

Davidoff: The Top 30 Baseball Free Agents - and where they'll end up

Hot stove is starting, y'all. Here are some Free Agent contract analysis and prediction links.

Most people seem pretty sure that Pagan and Scutaro are coming back. I'm pretty confident Scutaro will be. I'm not quite as confident about Pagan, if only because he seems like he'd be a great fit for about 10 teams.

About that second link... if BJ Upton gets $100 million, I'll eat my Sergio Romo jersey.

Mitchell: The Hall of Fame and these Giants

An interesting look at whether or not there are any future Hall of Famers on the 2012 Giants.

Japan Times: Giants capture Japan Series Title

Year of the Giants, y'all.

Thomaston Times: SF Giants are champs - really?

This guy seems like a total moron and he has a gigantic picture of himself taking up half the article, as he behaves ignorantly about the Giants.