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Morning thread: A minor-league transaction of note


The most important discovery wasn't that Boof Bonser re-signed with the Giants, which means there's still a chance he'll eventually pitch for the team that drafted him. No, the most important discovery is that when you enter "Boof" into the Baseball Reference search engine, it brings back a choice between Bonser and Jake Boofer, who was 1-for-4 for the Tyler Governors in 1933.

Starting now, Jake Boofer is the name I'm going to use when I check into hotels.

But Bonser is back -- I think a person or two might have mentioned it to me last week -- so we can all wait for his Giants debut. He's not on the 40-man roster, of course, but neither was Eric Hacker at the start of last season. As a reminder of just how good we should expect Bonser to be:

Year Age Lev ERA IP H HR BB SO BB/9 SO/9
2001 19 A 2.49 134.0 91 7 61 178 4.1 12.0

Something like that, but I'm sure he's worked on his control since then.

Boof is coming off elbow surgery (again), and he hasn't had any sort of remotely promising season, at least statistically, since 2006. But watch a game, am I right, folks? Get your nose out of the stat sheet. There isn't a stat that measures desire, and if you're still trying to come back as a 31-year-old who's thrown 150 innings over the last four years, you got it. I'm pulling for him, of course.

He'll be at Fresno in a glass case. And while I don't want an injury to open up a spot in the rotation, maybe it can be something innocuous, like an unscheduled doubleheader, that gets him in the majors in a Giants uniform, where he's always belonged.

Welcome back to the fold, Boof Bonser. We'll get you up to the bigs again, or we'll die waiting.