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Giants AFL update


I don't know much about prospects these days -- I think I was more into it when the system was the only hope for a championship team (which was never going to happen, but whatever). So because I was curious on a Sunday morning -- and because the only news has to do with Justin Christian signing with the Cardinals -- a look at how the Giants' prospects are doing in the Arizona Fall League.

They're all ridiculously small samples, of course. But when has that stopped us? Full stats can be found here.

Chris Dominguez
The good news: .317/.364/.585 with three homers in 41 at-bats! Power! Batting average!

The bad news: Seventeen strikeouts and two walks! Francisco Peguero called him to tell him to settle down at the plate.

Gary Brown
The good news: .313/.357/.375 in 64 at-bats. If he could do that in the majors, he'd get a $50 million contract one day. Sounds easy, so I'll just plan for it.

The bad news: Two steals, three caught-stealings. I predict this will be annoying when he gets to the majors.

Ricky Oropesa
The good news:.234/.373/.362. Good patience, with 11 walks in 47 at-bats.

The bad news: Sixteen strikeouts in those 47 AB. We can still dream of a Dominguez/Oropesa platoon of all-or-nothing power one day.

Joe Panik
The good news: His name is still good for puns! And, yet again, he has an impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio, with 10 walks and seven strikeouts in 78 at-bats.

The bad news: .205/.295/.269. I still believe in the youth and the bat control. But it would be a lot cooler if he were hitting .500, just because.

Chris Gloor
The good news: Run prevention in a hitters' league, with a 2.70 ERA and 22/11 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 30 innings.

The bad news: Low K-rate, but Gloor has never been a strikeout guy.

Heath Hembree
The good news: He's healthy! And effective, too, with 12 strikeouts in nine innings.

The bad news: None to be found. I'm just glad he's healthy.

Dan Runzler
The good news: Eleven strikeouts in eight innings? Why he still has his strikeout stuff ...

The bad news: ... wait, seven walks in those eight innings? Dammit.

Jacob Dunnington
The good news: Fourteen strikeouts in nine innings

The bad news: Seventeen base runners in those nine innings. I'll do what every Internet baseball nerd can do these days: mumble something about BABIP and feign interest in something else to change the subject.

Ryan Bradley
The good news: Bradley is from Columbus, Ohio, and in 2008 MarketWatch named Columbus the seventh-best place to do business in the nation.

The bad news: He's pitched only two innings, so we can't even pretend that his small-sample size means anything.