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SBN Awards: Rookie of the Year

They threatened to fire me unless I rescinded my Francisco Peguero vote.

Jason O. Watson

It's awards season! And here at SBN, we like to hand out our own version of the awards, mostly to irritate Miguel Cabrera supporters. I got a vote, and "Bryan Murphy" got one too.

This award doesn't affect the Giants in the slightest.

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bryce Harper Washington Nationals 26 9 157
Wade Miley Arizona Diamondbacks 8 21 5 108
Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds 1 4 9 26
Norichika Aoki Milwaukee Brewers 14 14
Zack Cozart Cincinnati Reds 1 2 5
Andrelton Simmons Atlanta Braves 1 1
Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs 1 1
Lucas Harrell Houston Astros 1 1
Mike Fiers Milwaukee Brewers 1 1
Yasmani Grandal San Diego Padres 1 1

Well, it affects the Giants in that Padres fans are now 59 percent less smug about the Melky Cabrera fiasco because of Yasmani Grandal's suspension for testosterone.

Congratulations to Bryce Harper, who will be annoying us for years and years to come. You know what the worst part of Harper is? He was supposed to be more annoying, more lippy. Remember how brash Will Clark was as a rookie? Harper was supposed to be like that, except a teenager. Can you imagine Will Clark as a teenager? He would have been stuffed into a box and mailed to Abu Dhabi before the Giants left Arizona. Instead, Harper played hard and didn't say a whole lot. So annoying. I want entertainment, dammit! We were lied to!

Other than Harper, if you could pick one player from that list and put on the Giants, who would it be? Miley's a good pick, as is Grandal, moo juice notwithstanding. Rizzo could have a long career, and Fiers is a fascinating, older rookie. But I'd take Simmons; he did that Braves thing where he came up at a young age and hit better than expected, sort of like what Brian McCann did. His defense is stellar, too. He's probably going to be the most coveted non-Harper on the list starting next year.

I voted for Harper/Miley/Frazier, in that order. "Bryan Murphy" did too. Harper's base running and defense overrode his July/August slump, and the nerd stats agreed with me when I compared him to Miley. If I had to revote, I might choose Aoki over Frazier. I have a lot of regrets. This is but one of them.

Comment starter: Predict the next season the Giants have a Rookie of the Year. It's been a horrific two-year drought so far. When is it going to end? I'm going with 2027. There's no reason for that guess ... but, 2027.