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The calm before the parade

This is weird.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. It's not going to get better. Decades from now, young Giants fans will look back and wish they were fans in this period of Giants baseball. And you'll be there to smell like liniment and tell them a story that doesn't go anywhere, and the young fans will say, "Well, I didn't get to watch the golden era of Giants baseball, but at least I'm not old." This is because they will be young, disrespectful punks, and you will be right to hate them. But the larger point stands: That was probably the best season of Giants baseball you'll ever watch.

That was probably the best season of Giants baseball you'll ever watch.

There's a parade tomorrow, so it's not like it's time to get nostalgic already. But there is still a sense of shock and disbelief that you don't want to go away. Thinking of the future is silly. There has to be a topic that's breezy, light, still relevant, and conveys the perfect amount of idle arrogance -- something between wearing an expensive suit to get your free taco and counting stacks of money in a soup kitchen.

How about comparing Buster Posey reactions to championships, then? Yeah. Yeah, that will do.


Mask: Dropped the way Michael Corleone was supposed to when he was leaving Louis'.

Focus: The dugout. Was he looking for someone specific? Was he looking around because he didn't know what else to do? Was he trying to avoid eye contact with Brian Wilson for obvious reasons?

Time to pitcher: 5.53 seconds



Mask: Tossed in the air in jubilation. A happy moment in Giants history; a painful moment in the strained history of player/gear relations.

Focus: On Romo. Only on Romo. Not once does he look toward the dugout. Maybe he was looking for Mike Fontenot last time.

Time to pitcher: 4.00 seconds

Quote: IT'S A PUPPY heeeee!

Giants-themed rosterbation is out for the moment. Melky Cabrera, Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence … whatever. There will be 4,342 columns over the next two months about what the Giants should do with those guys. They'll all be here. I have November blocked off. Right now, though? Nah.

Dissecting the playoff run seems a little silly, too. Knowing how the engine of an airplane works means that you have to stop calling it a magic fly tube. I'm not ready to stop calling it a magic fly tube. Maybe after the parade. Right now, I'll enjoy the mystery and the wonder.

The Dodgers are thinking about trading Andre Ethier, just months after signing him to a huge extension, which is simply hilarious. That's so weird! Who would have thought that an outfield filled with $20 million players would limit flexibility? But that's not something I want to write about right now. It's not something you want to read about.

Bruce Jenkins wrote a piece of obvious nerd bait over at the Chronicle, dusting off the 2001 archives to call out stats and stat-worshipers. His next column will be a timely, relevant piece about Upton Sinclair's anti-capitalist message. But it feels silly to react. Who cares? The Giants won the World Series.

It's hard to think critically about this team, to appreciate the trades, the talent, and the good fortune that led to the second title in three years. Not right now. It's hard to think critically about this team because we all know this is as good as it's going to get as a Giants fan. Seriously, this is it. Matt Cain pitched a perfect game, he isn't going to leave as a free agent, and the Giants just won the World Series. In the next month, Posey is going to win the Most Valuable Player award, and the Giants, well, you know.

So until the fog, this wonderful fog, clears, let's just stare at Posey madly running toward two different pitchers.