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Pablo Sandoval, Giants Agree to Three-Year Deal

From the official Twitter feed:

SF Giants agree to terms on 3-year Major League contract with Pablo Sandoval

And I had just finished a 750-word post titled "Why Pablo Sandoval Should Get a Minor-League Deal." Damn. Down the tubes. From Baggs, the details:

The Sandoval breakdown: $3.2 million this year, $5.7 million in 2013, $8.25 million in 2014. Takes him through all three arbitration years.

Before you get excited, remember that Sandoval was almost certainly going to be with the Giants all three years anyway. This doesn't buy out any free-agent years. But it gives the Giants some cost certainty -- if his year from 2011 is the norm for the next three years, that last year would have been awfully expensive in arbitration.

If Pablo heads down a Grady Sizemore alley, though, he'll have guaranteed money. He's set for life. Everyone wins! Except for Matt Cain, who finished with a no-decision.

I'd like that "hitting as well as 2011 every year" scenario a lot more, though. The important thing is that Pablo Sandoval is awesome and on the Giants.