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The Giants Won the NLDS, So Here Are Pictures of Hunter Pence Celebrating

Hunter Pence is the best mascot since Crazy Crab, and I'm a fan.

I'm not going to pooh-pooh the idea that Hunter Pence's speeches fired up the locker room enough to come back from 0-2. I'd like to buy into it, actually. It's perfect and endearing, and it appeals to the part of my brain that grew up on Hollywood movies. When the chips are down, when life has you by the throat, when everyone's telling you that YOU CAN'T DO IT, a speech will get you going. Hollywood says so.

And, heck, Hunter Pence says so. For someone who waves at as many sliders as Aaron Rowand ever did, I'm enamored of this Pence guy. You don't realize how enjoyable he is until he's on your team.

Hopefully, he'll start hitting soon. Until then, here are pictures of Hunter Pence celebrating. He's the guy in the middle. He was giving another speech, of course:

Hunter Pence: a part of Giants lore, even when he's not hitting. Phenomenal.

This is all still pretty hard to believe, of course.