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2012 NLDS: Giants vs. Reds

The Giants and Reds for a quarter of the marbles.

Assorted Thoughts and GIFs on the Giants' Win

This post might break your computer. We at SB Nation are not responsible for your computer. You should probably buy a new computer. Also, the Giants are going to the NLCS.

NLDS Game 3: Giants Get Three Hits, Win

It took a seeing-eye single, a passed ball, and an error, but now you're just nitpicking.

The Giants Won; Here Are Pictures of Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence is the best mascot since Crazy Crab, and I'm a fan.

NLDS Game 5: Giants stop hearts, advance to NLCS

Report: Buster Posey was involved.

NLDS Game 4: Zito Starts, Lincecum Wins

And everything was right in the Giants' world, as they'll head to a Game 5 after all.

NLDS Game 4: Say, Let's Talk About Barry Zito

I made a graph!

Getting Motivated for Game 3

The Giants are in a tough spot, but was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Barry Zito Starting Game 4* (*If Necessary)

So it's come to this: Barry Zito in a potential elimination game at a homer-happy ballpark. Good, good.

Madison Bumgarner: A Closer Look at Game 2

How poorly did Madison Bumgarner pitch in Game 2? Not as poorly as you might think.

NLDS Game 2: Reds Drub Giants, 9-0

Say, that didn't go well.

NLDS Preview: The Reds' Hitting

The good news is the Reds' lineup isn't as productive as you might think. The Giants easily outscored them, for instance. The bad news is Joey Votto.

NLDS Game 1: Giants Fall to Reds

Matt Cain wasn't sharp, and the line drives weren't falling. So it goes.

No Surprises on the Giants' 25-Man Roster

Conor Gillaspie will have to wait another year for his first playoff game. The Giants released the playoff roster, and it was exactly as expected, with George Kontos making the team over Clay Hensley.

NLDS Preview: The Reds' Starting Pitching

The Reds are in the playoffs because of their pitching. Here's a look at the starters the Giants will have to face.

Guessing the 25-Man Roster

This is just a guess, but as you'll see, there really isn't a lot to guess at.

Nationals Win, Giants Taking on Reds in NLDS

Give him the ball, Dusty. Give Bronson Arroyo the game ball and patt him on the butt.