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Important poll: Matt Holliday and the butt-plunking of justice

Wait. What do you think "butt-plunking" means?

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

This is still a thing, of course. Last night, Matt Holliday took out Marco Scutaro with a slide into second. Here's a GIF of the play in question:

Wait, that might be a different play. But it happened just like that, if I remember correctly. There's something of a disagreement as to the legality of Holliday's slide -- if it was clean but ill-advised, or illegal and dirty -- but as soon as it happened, there was a call for a butt-plunking of justice. Or, at least, some sort of plunking. From a quick/dirty search for "Holliday" and "plunk" on Twitter:


IF HIS FACE WAS A PITCHER TRADED FOR RICKEY HENDERSON, ITS NAME WOULD BE ERIC PLUNK. Wait, that doesn't make any ... well, the point is that people expected the Giants to retaliate. The Giants -- smartly -- did not retaliate. "Here's a free runner, Cardinals! I don't see how this could backfire!" But there are still people expecting Holliday to get plunked in the butt at some point in this series.

I'm in the middle of an article for Baseball Nation about second-base slides and the "pussification" of baseball. That's a word that I pulled from the comments section of Hardball Talk and, well, it does a good job of stereotyping the kinds of people who didn't see anything wrong with Holliday's slide. They a) think it's cool to use words like "pussification" and b) pick their nose and eat it. That second part is just some extrapolation leading to an educated guess.

So I'm curious to know what the hoi polloi around here think. What should have been/should be done with the Cold War experiment known as Matt Holliday? There's a poll. Vote in the poll.

Also, the A's second baseman is a metaphor for your ears.