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Post-game thread: Welp

And there's the thing about being several games back with several + a couple to go. Everything sort of needs to go perfectly. The ace needs to ace the place up. The offense needs to be functional. The other team needs to make mistakes. This all needs to happen for a month.

Not so much tonight.

After getting drunk off a month's worth of runs last night, I woke up on the roof this morning with one hand in a jar of peanut butter, and the other hand holding a Walkman loaded up with a mix from '92. Wasn't sure how I got there. Pushed play, and there was some sweet, sweet Trixter coming through the headphones. Then I threw up.

So maybe this is the insanity of the six-run explosion last still fermenting in my brain, but I wasn't disgusted with the offense tonight. They only scored two runs, but they made Ian Kennedy work. They had a lot of hard-hit balls for outs. They looked like a normal team that just wasn't getting a lot of breaks. Tonight was different than last month, when they were a feckless, moribund collection of ghosts at the plate.

Would have said they were like the walking dead last month, but that wouldn't fit for obvious reasons. The grounding-out dead.

Tonight, then, was a reminder that even good teams lose games. Not that the Giants are especially good -- I thought they were until they weren't -- but they didn't have an objectionable approach tonight. Lincecum wasn't sharp, the Giants didn't have a lot of balls fall their way, and there it goes. But the Giants can't lose games. At least, they can't lose too many more of them. There isn't a lot of consolation in saying, shucks, not our day, get 'em tomorrow. There just aren't a lot of tomorrows left.

Maybe there's a lot of cloying sentiment behind this, but at least I'm proud of Giants fans for giving Tim Lincecum a standing ovation. He didn't deserve a standing ovation for tonight, but he deserves a standing ovation for the season. Whatever's gone wrong isn't his fault. Heck, Lincecum deserves a standing ovation when he forgets to put his car in park, it rolls down a hill, and takes out six other cars. Because, hey, Lincecum.

It's nice to see Beltran hit. In theory. Would've been a lot cooler last month. I'm sure the Rangers or Tigers will enjoy him next year. Also, it wouldn't have made a difference most likely, but dang, what a stupid play to tag up down by three.

Wotus: Think about what moving up a base gets us. Think about what getting thrown out loses us.

Beltran: Oh, come on, Ronnie. You know I don't like to think.

Wotus: Yeah. Well, think about whether you should start.

A win tomorrow prolongs the purgatory. That's not a bad thing. I'd prefer it, obviously. A loss tomorrow, though, and I'm getting a head start on my winter reading list plans. Does anyone have any recommendations on which Michener book to start with?