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On the season-end press conference ...

The Giants held a end-of-the-season press conference today, and you can read the super-baggarly goodness here. Also of note, "baggarly" makes an awesome adverb. Try it.

Bochy hung his head for a second, trying to process the question. He shifted in his seat, baggarly shifting his weight forward, and said, "Brett Pill."

The main things to take away from the conference:

Things we knew

  • the pitching is going to get expensive
  • the Giants aren't going to chase Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder
  • Aubrey Huff didn't spend last offseason participating in triathlons.

Things we didn't necessarily know

  • the Giants are legitimately interested in keeping Carlos Beltran
  • Nate Schierholtz is ostensibly the starting right fielder
  • The Giants have signed Coco Crisp to a three-year deal with a player option
  • Well, they didn't explicitly say that, but, I can read between the lines.
  • What they said was "Leadoff hitter is a major issue" and "There’s no center field alternative from within that we’re comfortable with." The only CF on the market is Crisp.
  • So helllllo, Coco Crisp
  • Who isn't a bad player, just not such an upgrade that he deserves the last sliver of the budget. Also, I'm sad that Andres Torres is almost certainly getting kicked to the curb this offseason. His situation seems like the kind that's hard for a goofball who has never been in a clubhouse (that's me!) to evaluate. His personal struggles (physical and emotional) are almost certainly a huge factor in his diminished playing time,
  • Sorry. Got off track.
  • Jonathan Sanchez will probably be back. I'd like to think the actual quote was "The Surkamp audition was a flop and, also, you know, Zito", but that's just the poet in me.
  • Jeff Keppinger probably won't. He was called a luxury item, which is almost certainly true. He's like spending extra money on HDMI cables. If you need them you need them, but you can probably get them for a lot cheaper if you look. Keppinger's a gold-tipped Monster cable. In this year's lineup, the Giants were trying to jam him in the back of a Nintendo 64.  Also, we didn't get to see Pill play second, but I can't see how his range can be much worse than Kep's.
  • Jeremy Affledt should be back next year. There's no way they pick up the option ($5M), so I'm guessing he signs a 2/$7.5M or something. 
  • Orlando Cabrera has a torn meniscus
Medical discoveries made
  • The meniscus is the muscle that makes people hit baseballs

A lot of stuff we didn't necessarily know, but not a lot of huge revelations. I give Schierholtz a 20% of starting in RF by May of next year, but that's just the cynic in me. He was the starter before 2010 too, remember, before Bowker won the job before Nate won the job before Nate lost the job.

If the Giants re-sign Beltran, the start-Nate directive will ultimately hose Brandon Belt. Boy, it'd sure be nice to know if Schierholtz could play a cromulent center field right about now. I could really get behind a Ross/Schierholtz arrangement in center if the latter could play something close to rowandian defense. I think, with experience, he could have. We'll never know.

This will be a weird season of rosterbation. The Giants will spend a ton of money to keep the guys they already have -- about $120M or so is already spoken for.