Sabean press conference highlights lowlights

I only caught the last 10 minutes.  Maybe folks can add what else they remember.  

Nate is assumed to be a starting outfielder.  Hitting improved, and don't forget that right field defense.

Free agent market will be looked at but don't expect anything big.  Keppinger likely to pricey to retain, though he also could play some third and first if he stayed here.  Likewise Beltran probably too expensive, and he will be pursued heavily by AL teams.  

Team's offense needs to improve, but mostly from within.  Defense has to improve too.

Huff has been told he doesn't have a starting job guaranteed.  Some time in the outfield possible.  Pill is in the mix for first base.  Belt is too, and his defense at first would win some games.  Belt's hitting may have suffered since he was adjusting to playing the outfield.

Christian is a call up player, not in the mix to lead off.

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