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Post-Game Thread: Seriously, Nine Runs?

Win-Loss records are, of course, not something most denizens of McCovey Chronicles put much stock into, but regardless, there's something satisfying about watching 22 year old Madison Bumgarner get his record back up to .500 after a ridiculous 3-9 start that was more the stuff of bad luck than truly bad pitching. For much of the season, it hasn't been entirely out of line to suggest that Bumgarner has been the best pitcher on the Giants this year, but admit it, there was still a part of you that worried that Keith Olbermann would make fun of you on Twitter if you did. I mean, even if we have managed to completely divorce ourselves from the W-L tyranny, a record like 0-6 or 2-7 or 3-9 just looks bad.

12-12, on the other hand, well, that we can live with, especially when we consider what it's taken to get there, when we consider just how awesomely Bumgarner has pitched over the last few months to turn that record around. The record is just a symbol for how Bumgarner has not only turned his season around since his early struggles (and I should probably put scare quotes around that), but emerged as perhaps (I said perhaps!) the most complete pitcher on the staff at the tender age of 22.

He got two hits too.

So, let's appreciate Madison Bumgarner in this thread.


You may also appreciate the following if you so desire:

  1. Cody Ross
  2. Aubrey Huff
  3. Brandon Belt
  4. Brandon Crawford
  5. Chris Stewart

I must insist, however, that you refrain from appreciating anyone else.