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Post-game thread: Giants sweep the Padres

Saaaaay, that felt good to type. Doin' it again.

Post-game thread: Giants sweep the Padres

Oh, oh, that feels good. No, it doesn't really do much other than screw up where the Giants pick in the second round after giving up their first-round pick to sign Raul Ibanez, but it still feels good to type right now. And I've always said, if it feels good, do it.

So hypnotizing. What have I created? Oh, no ...

Anywho, this was the game of Carlos Beltran, if only because Tim Lincecum was merely spectacular. Yeah, how about no unearned runs next time, Tim, and then the post-game thread will be about you. With Beltran's two home runs against Mat Latos, he's hitting .325/.362/.536 as a Giant, which is just about exactly what we had a right to expect. Turns out he's a good hitter. He also made Mat Latos sad. I like people who make Mat Latos sad.

Well, I would if Latos had real-boy emotions.

Today reminded you that Beltran a) can hit, and b) fields right field like Brett Pill tethered to Aubrey Huff's ankle. I wasn't expecting that last part when the trade was made. But the bloop double for Jesus Guzman was fugly on a couple different levels, and it was just one example of a surprisingly slothy Beltran in right. If Beltran sticks around, he'll get a ton of (probably well-deserved) criticism for how he plays defense.

And he had the audacity to have his cold streak when the Giants were in the race, and the hot streak when the Giants were falling out of the race. The nerve of choosing his hot streaks like that! Now you know that's random, I know that's random. But he's not a popular Giant right now with John Q. Talkradio and the like, and they're the ones who buy tickets. Us here on the internet all use hacked accounts to watch our games.

But I've looked at the free-agent list. I've seen what the Giants will have to spend. There's the matter of what the pitchers will command in long-term deals over the next few seasons. Beltran is the perfect fit for this team. He isn't going to get another seven-year deal. Considering his fragility, he's probably not going to get more than a three-year deal. He's a short-term deal for a team with short-term needs. Love those guys.

The Giants don't have a corner outfielder coming up through the system. Nate Schierholtz is a fallback plan, not a can't-mess-with-him option. He combines the fragility of Beltran with the offense of, uh, Nate Schierholtz. He's perfect fourth/fifth outfielder material. I want Beltran. Beltran Beltran Beltran. The ol' trade-for-the-rental-and-keep-him gag makes the prospect loss bearable. But if he doesn't stop hitting, he'll screw things up.

Latos is out of town, so here's hoping that Beltran gets three hits in his next 15 games, with all three hits being home runs to screw up Clayton Kershaw's Cy Young chances. Let's get that price down. 'Cause it ain't like Thomas Neal is going to come up and hit in the middle of the order. Sandoval/Posey/Beltran. Let it roll off your tongue. And if Belt turns out to be as good as we hope, and Aubrey Huff isn't completely wretched next season, and ...