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Post-game thread: Cliff Lee something something

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Cliff Lee is good. Here's an anagram for "Cliff Lee is good":

Docile Fog Flies

That's about right. Cliff Lee is a good at his job. The Rangers should have offered more money.

After struggling early on, Madison Bumgarner was also a good pitcher. He made mistakes, though. You can't do that as a starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. You have to have that nose for the no-decision that great pitchers have. He just turned 22, of course, so maybe he'll learn that skill. It didn't help tonight. Bumgarner was good tonight, but he was not as good as Cliff Lee, who is a good pitcher.

The Giants had four runners in scoring position tonight. That's a good night against Cliff Lee! Alas, they couldn't get the big hit, mostly because Cliff Lee is good.

The television feed cut out for much of the later innings. This is because Cliff Lee is somewhat merciful. He didn't want to make it more painful than it needed it to be. We appreciate the gesture, Cliff.

Cody Ross was 0-4 with four strikeouts. Normally he whomps on lefties as if they were lil' Roy Halladays. He did not do anything of the sort tonight. This is probably because Cliff Lee is good.

Is there anything else that needs to be written about this game? Cliff Lee is good. He's the kind of good pitcher who can shut out a team with a Pedroia/Gonzalez/Youkilis in the middle of the order. The Giants' fifth hitter was Orlando Cabrera. The Giants didn't need to help Cliff Lee out, but they did. He probably didn't need the help.

The Giants can't hit. Cliff Lee can pitch. Cliff Lee being good and the Giants' hitters being bad tonight resulted in zero runs for the Giants.

If you're looking for insight, I'm all out. The main point I want you to take away is that Cliff Lee is good, and the Giants' hitters are not.

Maybe Mark DeRosa will provide the spark this team needs.