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Post-Game Thread: Weird game, weird road trip

First thought: I'm not sure if I've ever watched a game where both teams were completely uninterested in winning. This thought is based on things like Chris Stewart stopping between third and home while the third baseman looked at second base before falling down, and Jeremy Affeldt walking Angel Sanchez to put the winning run in scoring position.

Second thought: That's unfair to the Giants who were obviously interested in winning. But the universe wasn't so keen on the idea. That thought is based on the magical returning pickoff throw that wiped out Aaron Rowand's first hit in three months.

Third thought: The Astros might not be a good team, but they're sure interesting. Jose Altuve is fun to watch, though I'd pay $100 to watch a fight between him and Mike Fontenot. Not because I don't like both of them, but just because it makes sense.

Fourth thought: the Giants are only 1.5 games out of first place. That's embarrassing. It's beautiful. It makes me want to hop around and bang a mallet on my head like a Looney Tunes character. In just about every other division, the second place team had a bit of a hiccup and quickly found themselves six games back. It happened to the Cardinals, the Angels, the Rays, and the Braves. Not the Giants, though. Nope. They started this road trip a half-game out, played some of their worst baseball of the year, and are heading home just a game-and-a-half out. Eighteen of their next 21 games are at home. They really aren't in such bad shape.

Well, except for the bad players. But that's a technicality. It also lead to ...

Fifth thought: Brandon Belt and Pablo Sandoval are good hitters.

If the Giants would have lost today, it would have been two steps back but one step forward, as Brandon Belt playing every day should help the Giants, and the only way he'll even come close to playing every day is by hitting. With the Giants winning and Belt having a tremendous day, it feels like the team swept a doubleheader.

Sixth thought: Pretty sure Dan Runzler has a 5% of being a Cy Young contender, a 15% of being Jonathan Sanchez, and an 80% chance of walking 80% of the batters he faces as a starting pitcher. It's pretty certain that he'll be a disaster as a starting pitcher, but if he ever harnesses that command ... man, he could be good.

Seventh thought: Let's not find out this year. Eric Surkamp struck out a hitter the first inning of his game today. If Jonathan Sanchez has to miss another game, I'm pretty sure the Giants learned their lesson.

Can't believe the Giants won today. Can't believe they're still ahead of the Rockies, much less within spitting distance of the Diamondbacks.


Tuesday, August 23	SFG		SDP
Wednesday, August 24	SFG		SDP
Thursday, August 25	SFG		HOU
Friday, August 26	SFG		HOU
Saturday, August 27	SFG		HOU
Sunday, August 28	SFG		HOU
Monday, August 29	SFG		CHC
Tuesday, August 30	SFG		CHC
Wednesday, August 31	SFG		CHC
Friday, September 02	SFG		ARI
Saturday, September 03	SFG		ARI
Sunday, September 04	SFG		ARI
Monday, September 05	SFG	@	SDP
Tuesday, September 06	SFG	@	SDP
Wednesday, September 07	SFG	@	SDP
Friday, September 09	SFG		LAD
Saturday, September 10	SFG		LAD
Sunday, September 11	SFG		LAD
Monday, September 12	SFG		SDP
Tuesday, September 13	SFG		SDP
Wednesday, September 14	SFG		SDP

That's what's called an If You Don't Win, You Don't Deserve It schedule. Can't beat the sub-.500 teams at home? Can't beat the first place team at home? Well, there are probably some good movies coming out in October. It should be interesting, which isn't the same thing as "pleasurable" or "horrific." Nope. But interesting is a guarantee.