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McCovey Chronicles Meetup: One Week from Today

Date: Tuesday, 8/23

Time: Dunno. Game starts at 7:15, but we meet at Zeke's (3rd & Brannan) before the game. Get there whenever you want. For example, biff pocoroba has been there for three days already. (Goofus' edit: Traditional meeting time is 5:30pm, but anyone getting there earlier can grab and hold the big table toward the back.)

Tickets: We were trying to get a McCovey Chronicles section/ticket offer going, but that fell through. There are still tickets available (Padres!) through regular means. Though if you're looking to go the secondhand route, TiqIQ has been good to SB Nation. And there's always ... you know. That place with the cephalopods.

Dress code: Pants. No leotards. Don't do the spandex tux, either. You'll have to wait a decade until it's ironic enough not to be creepy.