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Post-game thread: That one stung


Welp. The good news is that we haven't had to dig that one out for a while. 

The bad news is that the Giants really, really, really needed that win. Here's how the ninth went:

  • Infield hit that Orlando Cabrera couldn't handle
  • Walk to Eric Hinske
  • Sac bunt to move the tying run into scoring position
  • Single hit too hard to tie the game
  • Walk to move the winning run into scoring position
  • 3-2 count to get the runners going, let the hitter know a fastball is coming
  • Ground ball up the middle

Yeah. And it was a game that featured a great performance from Madison Bumgarner (just didn't sniff out that win) and four runs (a season-high for the team). It was against a direct competitor for a playoff spot. It was a miserable way to drop 2-1/2 games back.

Hey, cheer up. Jonathan Sanchez is going tomorrow.

Oh, and the loss wasn't even the worst part of the game. Pablo Sandoval is hurt. X-rays on his foot were negative, but he'll probably miss the next couple of games, at least. So what's the lineup?

Rowand - CF
Keppinger - 2B
Cabrera - SS
Huff - 1B
Schierholtz - RF
Ross - LF
Fontenot - 3B
Whiteside - P

You know you'll see that lineup this series. That's my prediction. 

Also, Sergio Romo's elbow is hurt.

Also, the Diamondbacks won tonight. They didn't play, but they won.

Maybe a bunch of draft picks won't sign tonight.

Poured a bowl of cereal, went to get the milk. Realized I'm out of milk.

I'll be in the tub.