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Open Confidence Poll/Overflow Thread

I forgot about this widget. HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU IN THE G-MENNNNN?!? VOTE IN THE POLL!!!!

I'd wager this is the season low point for the ol' confidence poll. Posey's injury was more stunning, but Beltran's injury is more ... confidence-gnawing. My only regret is that the thing isn't trackable in real-time. As in, whenever I showed things like this:

Year Age Tm Lg Lev ERA G GS IP H R ER HR BB SO HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
2011 23 Richmond EL AA 2.03 21 20 128.1 102 34 29 4 40 156 0.3 2.8 10.9 3.90
Generated 8/11/2011.

... the needle would spike a little, and when I showed this ...

Aaron Rowand

#33 / Center Field / San Francisco Giants





Aug 29, 1977

... the needle would drop precipitously.

And when I showed this ...



... the needle would just sit there, looking confused and wondering why Cody Ross is pitching to Pedro Feliz.

Alas, technology has not caught up with our wishes just yet. But vote in the CONFIDENCE POLL. I'm curious to see what's the results will be. And if the poll doesn't work -- the widget can be wonky at times -- just stare at the Cody Ross .gif for a while.

Also of note: the Padres signed Pedro Feliz to a minor-league contract. Line at Petco: .013/.012/.056, with one ill-timed home run against the Giants.