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Pre-game links!

MLB Power Rankings: Red Sox On Top, Astros At Bottom - Baseball Nation
Yep. I'm linking these every week. Not only am I insecure, but I'm also of the mind that if I actually spend more than 15 minutes on a post, you should know about it. You know, to show you guys I can do it.

Brandon Belt And Freddie Freeman: A Tale Of Two Seasons - Baseball Nation
This one's actually relevant to the site. Did you know that Aubrey Huff and Brandon Belt have the same rest-of-season ZiPS projections? It's not quite a given that Huff is washed up or that Belt is a savior, though it's fair to have a strong opinion on the matter. Huff really has looked better lately.

Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays under suspicion again of stealing signs at Rogers Centre - ESPN
This story was fascinating. Jose Bautista is suspected of using performance-enhancing guys in white shirts. I knew it!

In San Francisco, Look Out For Gulls Gone Wild : NPR
More on the Mays Field gulls. .

BCB adds new writer, Chris Martinez " Bay City Ball
You know her as Baron Von Current Events here. Bay City Ball seems to be poaching the brightest users from here to develop "interesting content."   Posting things that people want to read is ... one strategy, I guess.

20th anniversary: SFG 1, LAD 0 (13) on walk-off HBP
From The Hardball Times, a look back on a Giants/Dodgers game from decades ago. My favoritest quote:

Yeah, it was kind of a tough loss. Making it even worse, the Dodgers lost the division by one game that year. They’d like to have that inning back, I bet.

Henry Sosa Minor League Statistics & History -
Starting against the Diamondbacks tonight, Henry Sosa. So if Jeff Keppinger gives us an extra win over the next two months, it's possible that Sosa could give it right back. What a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break.