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Post-game thread: Coors-like game ends in misery again

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Still don't believe in curses. Still don't believe that one team can have another team's number. If I had to put a reason down for tonight's loss, it was that the Padres got their two-out hits at good times, while the Giants didn't. It happens. Over 162 games, it would even out.

Man, can you imagine? A 162-game season series against the Padres? The Giants would be 61-101 with a 2.19 team ERA. Aubrey Huff would lead the Giants in home runs with .84. Clayton Richard would win a Cy Young, and Best Buy stock would skyrocket after those defenestrated televisions are replaced.

The three-game losing streak coincides nicely with the starts from the Giants' three All-Star starting pitchers. A cynical man would blame the losses on the baseball gods meting out punishments for hubris. They flew too close to the sun with wings made of waxy, golden arms and maybe a little tar from Eli Whiteside's helmet.

But, again: no curses. No one team has the other team's number. Say it like a mantra. Just an unbelievable run of poorly timed play against the same opponent. If the Giants have a .250/.250/.250 line against Heath Bell with runners in scoring position, there's a decent chance they win one of the last two games.

This is the downside. After giggling like we stole something in all of the 1-0, 2-1, 2-0 wins so far, you knew there were games like this around the corner, where three runs feels like an offensive explosion, and it isn't enough.

There are only 49 more games against the Padres this week. Once we're through this stretch, things should smooth out.