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Post-game thread: Well, that wasn't fun

No, seriously, that wasn't fun.

This was a perfect game for overreacting.


  • Bumgarner had a Twinnish start to the game, where everything he threw up there was getting knocked around, so it's easy to overreact and say that he is prone to having nightmare starts like this. When he's on he's on, but when he misses with location he's gonna get pounded EVERY TIME. Some nonsense like that.
  • Carlos Beltran looks like he's been on the team all year. According to STATS, LLC, when players are traded and fail to win one of their first three games with their new team single-handedly, their teams miss the playoffs 93% of the time. So it's definitely time to panic.
  • Also, that reminds me that Joe Panik wasn't in the lineup against the Reds tonight. Probably because he was traded for Michael Bourn.
  • The Giants scored only two runs -- kind of their default -- but they had eleven hits and a walk. It's kind of hard to score two runs with eleven hits, a walk, and two errors. It's tempting to overreact and say, "YEP, THEM'S OUR GIANTS!" but the Giants' problem is they don't put runners on base. Hard to call a game with runners all over the place a typical Giants loss.


So pick a point and run with it. Overreact to your heart's content. But me? I'm saving my overreacting for the Zito start tomorrow. Got my post ready about how Alfonso Soriano pitching for the Giants would make more sense than keeping Zito. It'll be dripping with overreaction. At least, I hope that's overreaction.

First series loss in a month, and it could get worse, but at least we're not the Rockies. They were supposed to be contenders, yet they just traded away their first homegrown ace in franchise history. That's almost like the Giants falling out of contention last year and trading Matt Cain instead of winning the World Series, which would have been far less cool than winning the World Series, which was really, really cool. Maybe Alex White and Drew Pomeranz will harass the Giants for years and years, but I'm not sad to see Ubaldo leave.

See? Things can be worse. Kind of. If you ignore what happened in this game.

I stand by my claim that the game wasn't fun. I'm all out of poignant. I checked out after the second inning.