D-Backs have only a little easier schedule thru Sept.

yes, the DBacks play the Dodgers and Padres a whole bunch, 12 times each, compared with our Giants' 6 and 8 against those 2 non contending and often spiritless teams.  But the Giants play Houston 3 more times than Arizona does, and we have 3 against the lowly Cubbies.  

Against good teams--we have 3 more than AZ does against the Phillies, real soon at that.   Snakies play the Mets and Nationals, whom we are finished with, a total of 7 games.  Eliminated in their strong division but maybe still competing anyway.

Overall, using some math shortcuts and removing the opponents we have in common, and ignoring our single extra games against Braves and Rockies, San Francisco's opponents are about 470 overall, and Arizona's about  457.

More important than all that?  The 9 games between the Giants and the DBacks.  2 series there, 1 at home.  Plus our current 4 game lead.  Also we now have same record as Atlanta who lead for the wild card.

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