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Post-game thread: Giants do something

Recording the game to watch later. But I'm assuming that Carlos Beltran would have had two home runs in this game. He would have stolen third base with no one out, and he would have squeezed himself home.

Would it have mattered? Well, I'll see later. But unless someone on the Giants chloroformed Jonathan Lucroy and replaced him with a catcher who called for nothing but fastballs, I'm assuming this was a low, low scoring game. (Marcum + Giants)/Cain = 2-1 game. Maybe 3-2 if the wind is blowing out. Marcum was all changeuppy. The Giants were surprised he threw a changeup. One of those nights.

You know the score. I don't. If it's a Brian Wilson blown save, please e-mail me before midnight and tell me to just watch "Airplane" instead. If it's a rare Cain implosion, I'll find out soon enough. But I'm guessing it's a slow, low-scoring game. Just a guess.