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Post-game thread: Giants score run, still fall


It’s almost impossible to write a post-game thread that isn’t totally Giantscentric. I’ve tried. It’s not like this is supposed to a balanced site, but it gets old to have one of four post-game themes:


  1. The Giants’ offense is terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. (Note: you are not allowed to give the opposing pitcher any credit.)
  2. The Giants’ offense is terrible. But the pitching was even more exemplary than the offense was terrible! Huzzah!
  3. The Giants’ offense is terrible, but somehow they scored runs tonight! Wow!
  4. The Giants’ offense is terrible, but the pitching was pretty bad tonight. It’s their fault. (Note: used once per month.)

It’s boring to pick one of those four. They’re tired motifs. So when Jordan Zimmermann looked like he was pitching a good game early, I studied him, looking to see if he was pitching like a guy who could have shut down the ‘27 Yankees. I wanted to give him credit. He had a wicked slider at times. He’d flop a decent curve in for first-pitch strikes. His fastball had life. He looked good.

But danged if I couldn’t tell the difference between a pitcher throwing as well as he can, and a pitcher who is facing Aaron Rowand and assorted players who aren’t really ready for the majors. Zimmermann’s a legit pitcher. He’s talented, for sure. I mean, he’s no Ryan Vogelsong, but who is? Still, I couldn’t tell if Zimmerman was pitching well tonight. The box score says he did. My intuition says he was fantastic. But watching the Giants hit for this long -- rather, not hit for this long -- makes you grade on a curve. Can’t tell if Zimmerman was a young John Smoltz or a lucky Tanyon Sturtze.

This team is ruining my eye for talent. Ruining it! I could have been a great scout -- one of the best. I would have made five figures, and everyone would have known my name. But this insipid offense is spoiling everything!

Bulleit Points

  • Jonathan Sanchez has walked at least two batters in every start this season except for one, a seven-inning, five-hit performance. He lost that game. Gettin’ tired of watching him pitch. He’s not a drag on the team -- 13 out of 14 starts, he’s thrown between five and seven innings, allowing three runs or fewer -- but he’s not fun to watch. I’m waiting for that Randy Johnson/Sandy Koufax magic control taffy to kick in. Aaaaaany day now.
  • Bruce Bochy has taken, continues to take, and will forever take crap on every fan site out there, so it’s only fair that when he does something right, he gets credit. With a runner on first and no outs, Bochy didn’t bunt. That is absolutely, positively the smart play. Bochy knows this. Jack from Fairfield doesn’t, and he’ll call in tomorrow to complain. Bochy doesn’t care. Good for him.
  • Aaron Rowand should not start against right-handers.
  • Aaron Rowand should not start against right-handers.
  • Aaron Rowand should not start
  • Since Aaron Rowand went 2-for-5 on April 17th, he’s hit .191/.254/.296 with six walks and 36 strikeouts in 115 at-bats he is not a starter. He’s barely a bench player, and I’m getting to the point where I’ll trade his bi-weekly power display for Darren Ford’s speed on the bench. That’s insane. Rowand for Chone Figgins -- who hangs up first?

Yuck. Just yuck. But the Diamondbacks lost!