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Post-game Thread: Giants come back from eight-run deficit (team adjusted).

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Oh, man. I don't know. It's midnight. I can't think about baseball anymore. Here's every thought I have on that game, distilled into one sentence:

Hey, why come no one ever came up with The Diminutive Dandy as a nickname for Lincecum?

That's all I have. It's nonsense that's vaguely related to baseball and there's a historical connotation, just like that game. John Lannan, Jeremy Affeldt, and Chris Stewart all walked in whatever it was I just watched. The game started 18 hours ago with Tim Lincecum striking out the side in the first, striking out 1,000 in the second somehow, and it almost ended with Miguel Tejada pitching.

It's late. Congratulations to Joe Panik on his game-winning hit. I'll go to bed now, thankful that I have the flexibility to mail in a post-game recap like this.

And, now, your moment of zen:

"It's a tough market out there for a 35-year-old with a twice-operated-on arm," (Tyler Walker) said, "but I still feel I can get people out on a daily basis."