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Pre-game lineup review

Torres CF
Burriss 2B
Sandoval 1B
Burrell LF
Schierholtz RF
Crawford SS
Tejada 3B
Whiteside C
Cain P


  • This kind of lineup makes me want to put Schierholtz at third.
  • Manny Burriss is a nice guy. But he's this team's Velez, and someone needs to take the nuclear football away from Bochy.
  • Shifting Sandoval over to first basically replaces Huff with Tejada, which might not be a bad thing.
  • That last point makes me cough up bile.
  • Arguing about Whiteside v. Stewart is like arguing Tejada v. Crawford, which is to say it's like arguing about how you should hang a toilet paper roll. The choice is obvious, but it's really weird if you think it's going to make a difference.
  • When the roll is hanging with the starter squares going under, not over, it's easier to tear with one hand.
  • Seriously, Ross at third, Schierholtz at short, trade for Beltran. Boom, done.
  • Belt can catch when he comes back.

There is no good lineup until a) Belt comes back, and b) the Giants get a real shortstop, so I'll stop complaining now. No Rowand! That's my barometer.