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Post-game thread: I don't know.

I don't know.

It's so, so, so, so, so tempting to jump on the Giants after a game like that. And it would be such an internet-Giants-nerd thing to do. Wait for the seven-game winning streak to end, and then jump on the offense for not scoring.

Ryan Dempster averaged two pitches per inning. Is Dempster as bad as his 5.31 ERA before tonight would indicate? Nah, he's still the same pitcher he's been over the past few years, just a little unluckier with balls put in play. But has he ever been a pitcher who should enter the late innings having thrown more warm-up pitches than in-game pitches? No way.

I wonder what goes through Dempster's mind when he's getting ready for the eighth, and he sees Nate Schierholtz, Miguel Tejada, and Chris Stewart scheduled to hit. It has to be at least somewhat comical.

But the Giants tied it in the ninth. One of the worst hitters on the team tied it with an RBI single. Another one of the worst hitters on the team this year singled after that with a runner in scoring position. The best hitter on the team this year hit into a double play to kill the rally, and then one of the best relievers on the team coughed up the game in the bottom of the ninth. Can't do much about that.

But the Giants have won two of three. I'll take that. They've won three of four, five of six, seven of eight. Impressive, all. So maybe it's time to ungrit those teeth and stop staring at the wall like you're going to punch it.

Probably because it's time to punch it. Just go nuts. There's no way a team should waste an outing like that from Tim Lincecum, even the Giants. Grraraggh. And the Diamondbacks lost tonight and everything. Sometimes I wish baseball games were an hour long so it wouldn't feel like such a waste of time.