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Post-game thread: Cleveland's defense helps Giants' offense look less than wretched

I have no idea how the Giants won that game.

That was only the 139th time in history that a team has scored three or more runs with two or fewer hits. The last team to lose a game like that was the Indians last year. They should probably quit doing that.

There were four players in the lineup tonight who would probably have a tough time cracking the Astros' roster. There's no sense calling them out by name -- not after a win -- but considering that the Giants scored their runs in the sixth thusly ...

  • Single
  • Possible double play turned into an error
  • Single
  • Dribbler for an error
  • Fly ball
  • Doink pop-up down the line

... I don't feel like such a jerk writing that bit about the Astros' lineup. The worst part is that it's not like Bruce Bochy sat Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews to play the guys he did -- it's a motley crew of yuck on this roster.

So with that in mind, all I ask is that the guys who should hit, do so. Aubrey Huff: please hit. Pablo Sandoval: please hit. Pat Burrell: please hit. Andres Torres: ...

Oh. He must have read this on McC Premium earlier today. It makes such a freaking difference to have a hitter doing hitter things. Just one. And if half of the lineup can just get back to where they were last year (or two years ago, for Pablo), and if Brandon Belt comes back to the lineup, and if the Giants get a reinforcement or two before the deadline ... suddenly I'm not so cynical.

That's a lot of ifs. But Torres got me jazzed. I'd love to get that guy back. And it's worth nothing that last year at this time, we weren't at the lowest point of the season yet.  It's not like this is a win that makes me feel great about the future -- not with all the errors helping out -- but I know it's certainly not a loss that makes me feel bad about tonight.

Also of note: Jonathan Sanchez is still the most unwatchable pitcher in the game, and tonight he was also dangerous. Best of luck to Shin-Soo Choo, who is really one of the funner players to watch when he's right.  Sanchez is a complete chore to watch right now.