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Post-game thread: Giants lose in a Giants kind of way

Walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk
Walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk

I didn't watch the game, so I'm not going to have any brilliant insight. I guess that makes this like every other post-game thread, except at least I'm being honest with this one. But it seems like the Giants have been shut down in successive nights by Graham Gadfly and Guillermo Menocu, both of whom were tax attorneys until last week. The lineups have featured designated hitters that make Shawon Dunston stop and say, damn, those are some bad designated hitters. The starting pitchers -- ostensibly the flux capacitor of this wacky contraption -- can't stop walking people.

Yeah. Got nothin'. I'm a gonna read a book instead of pretend I have an interesting angle on this game. My positives to take away:

  • I'm glad that Ramon Ramirez is on the team. I probably would have non-tendered him, but I'm glad the Giants were smarter.
  • Jonathan Sanchez is still the most unwatchable pitcher in baseball. Wait, that's not a positive. But I forgot to set the DVR before I left for the night, got bummed when I realized it, then thought, oh, it's a Sanchez game. Big whoop. Then I wasn't so bummed. A positive!
  • Ross/Torres/Schierholtz started in the outfield. I really think that's the best alignment, with Burrell sliding in against a few lefties.

Seriously: read a book. Make some cookies. Play Gradius, and use the damn cheat code. Crack a beer. Don't think about this game anymore. Not worth it.