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Post-game thread: A's blow out Giants

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I think the worst part of that game was everything. I didn't like that ...


  • Lincecum's command was still wonky.
  • CSN kept showing Lincecum's ERA since his 130+ pitch outing. If you want to blame his control problems on the 20 extra pitches, go ahead. But you might as well blame the struggles on Lincecum's horoscope. Similar evidence.
  • every other announcer within a 400-mile radius was unable to join Duane Kuiper.
  • Guillermo Mota couldn't get the third out in the eighth.
  • Tim Lincecum went out to start the seventh. Bochy manages like he has the bullpen of the '10 Diamondbacks. Did anyone think that it wasn't going to result in a free base runner? Because, hey, free base runner.
  • Andrew Bailey came out to close the game instead of Brian Fuentes. I totally forgot Bailey was activated.
  • Pablo Sandoval didn't try to tag on the weenie arm of David DeJesus, who has a weenie arm.
  • in a DH game, Pat Burrell sat on the bench while Miguel Tejada played the field.
  • Chris Stewart got hit with a bat and Bill Hall got hit with a person. This seriously feels like "Final Destination: The Disabled List Cometh" and it's stressful.
  • Graham Godfrey bowled some right nasty carrom balls, and he was putting those yorkers right under the block hole. He must have a strong centre finger to get that kind of torque. He s
  • Stewart chucked a ball into left field for a run, which might make the wrong people think that he's just as poor of a defender as Eli Whiteside.
  • the Diamondbacks won.
  • this game wasn't rained the hell out before the first pitch.


Not my favorite game of the year. The worst part was the whole thing.