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Late-night links

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JT Snow: The Platonic Ideal (On Defense) by Eric Freeman | pitchers & poets
An appreciation of J.T. Snow, '90s guy. B Is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards (9781897476550): Doug Keith: Books
Just got these for my kid so I can indoctrinate her even more. She's already screaming "Go Giants!" while I watch any baseball game. Or hockey game. Or basketball game. But it's the sentiment that counts.

Lake Olmstead Stadium, Home of the Augusta GreenJackets 
A review of the home of the Augusta GreenJackets

MLB Power Rankings By Way Of Hair Metal: Dodgers, Nationals Lead The Way - Baseball Nation
I spent hours on this. Damn straight I'm going to pimp it here too.

A flowchart of Fredi Gonzalez's bullpen management
Found this on Reddit, and it reminds me of Felipe Alou