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Things that sort of bother me

  • Buster Posey leads the team in stolen bases.
  • Brandon Belt still has more walks than Aaron Rowand and Cody Ross put together.
  • Matt Cain is still under .500 for his career.
  • Steve Holm was sent down by the Twins even though he's the coolest catching candidate to replace Joe Mauer.
  • There are seven pitchers in the bullpen this season who have faced more batters than Sergio Romo.
  • Mike Fontenot is going nuts, and his BABip is only .306
  • Wait, that last one doesn't bother me. That's actually awesome.
  • But Aaron Rowand's down to .268/.299/.402, and his BABip is .341. His K/BB ratio is 3/26. Storm's a comin'.
  • Saturday night games. Come on, baseball. It's Saturday.