2011 Draft - 9 days left - more updates and additions

Only 9 days and a few hours to wait now. The first round, including the supplemental picks starts on Monday, June 6th at 7:00 pm EST (4:00 California time). By about 11:00 on Monday night we'll know the names of the 2 newest Giant prospects. With the depth of this year's draft and the the lack of top-end talent in our farm system these 2 guys will almost certainly be immediately ranked in the top 5 overall in our system.

Being situated in northern Florida has it's advantages this time of year in that I get all of the games for both of the ACC and the SEC conference tournaments on my television service. Both leagues are packed with top talent this year (it looks like they'll get 6 of the top 8 national seeds between them when the NCAA announces the pairings after Sunday), so I get to see and evaluate a lot of new guys. I've also been doing more research into some of the high school kids that I think the Giants could be interested in, and been diligently looking for updates on prospects that I previously championed in my past 2 draft fanposts. After the jump I'll give you the research I have on the new guys that I like. I'll post the updates on my previous prospects as individual posting in the comment section of this fanpost. If you want to see my original analysis and research on the previous prospects click on the links below and read what you want (there's also a lot of info in the comments sections of each fanpost).

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Tanner English: RHH, CF, St. James HS, Murrels Inlet, So. Carolina (5'10", 165) (DOB=3/11/93)
The little guy with the big tools. English already has 3 plus tools and the likely potential to develop a plus hit tool as he matures. This slightly-built kid's main tool is his ++ speed - he runs the 60 in 6.37 seconds, and has been timed from home to 1B in as fast as 3.55 seconds - from the RH batter's box. Not far behind is his ++ arm (we're talking Tim Lincecum freak arm here - speeds approaching 100 mph from the OF). He is also a plus defender in CF, and he can consistently center-up the ball with the barrel of his bat (he hit .438 this season with 5 HRs). He's also a tough SOB - check out this catch he made against the CF fence earlier this season:

He's a Univ. of South Carolina commit.

live game collage and interview: Spring 2011:
Q&A interview - Dec. 2010:
live game - March 2011 - HS tournament - English is wearing #2 in this clip:
Live AB: May 18, 2011 - English hits a HR in state playoff game:
I like English as a kid to target beginning in the 3rd round. It would probably take a small overslot bonus to sign him.

Cory Mazzoni: RHP, No. Carolina State Univ. (6'1", 195) (DOB=10/19/89)
Mazzoni's biggest draw is his velocity. His FB has been sitting 92-94 mph and has consistently touched 97 in every game during the 2nd half of the college season. He has become the #1 starter this year for NC State, and has used his plus FB, above-average slider, and average, but improving, changeup to record 116 K's in 99.2 innings (K/9=10.5) so far this season. He has also shown great control, walking only 27 batters (BB/9=2.4) for an outstanding K/BB rate of 4.3. Finally, he's a real workhorse who can chew up innings and shows plus stamina. Despite logging all of those strikeouts, he's averaged over 7 innings per start in his 14 starts this season. He does have a strong, athletic build, but there's not much projection left in his frame. You draft Mazzoni on his potential to continue to improve his slider and changeup as pitches that will allow him to be a middle-of-the-rotation starter in the pros, with the idea that if he fails as a starter he should be able to parlay the FB and slider combo that he already has into a closer's role.
GS=14, IP=99.2, IP/St=7.1, ERA=3.61, FIP=3.67, WHIP=1.10, BAA=.221, HR=8, K=116, BB=27, K/9=10.5, BB/9=2.4, K/BB=4.3
2011 stats updated weekly:
I would target Mazzoni starting in the 3rd round. He should be an easy sign close to slot.

Will Lamb: LHH, CF/P, Clemson Univ. (6'6", 175) (DOB=9/9/90)
Very tall and skinny with blazing speed, a plus arm, and a sweet LH swing. As an added bonus, he plays great D in CF. As a backup plan, should he fail to make it as a position player, he's a potential above-average LHP who can throw his FB up to 95 mph. Lamb was ranked as the #84 overall 2011 draft prospect by BA heading into the 2011 college season. He is one of the fastest runners up the 1B line and from 1st to 3rd in the entire draft. He is very hard to double up and he has only been thrown out attempting to steal 5 times in 36 attempts in his 3 year college career. He is smart and surprisingly athletic and fluid for his size. He also starred as a basketball player in HS. He spent the summer of 2009 playing in the wood bat Coastal Plains League and by the end of the season he had stolen 26 bases in 29 attempts and was rated as the #1 overall prospect in the league by both BA and PGCrossChecker. This year Lamb has increased his strength and consistency at the plate. Always a baserunning and defensive terror, he has finally taken his play at the plate to above-average levels. He has been hitting line drives from gap-to-gap and pulling balls down the RF line for extra-bases when the pitcher makes a mistake. Lamb has hit safely in 42 of his last 45 games and has batted around the .350 mark all season. Lamb still strikes out too often and walks too infrequently, but has shown noticeable improvement this year.

He will be one of the younger college guys drafted this year - he doesn't turn 21 until September.

.341/.381/.454/.834, AB=205, H=70, 2B=11, 3B=3, HR=2, BB=16 (7%), K=41 (18%), SB=13 of 17 (82.8%)
2011 stats updated weekly:

bullpen session - June 2010:

I like Lamb as a target beginning in the 5th round. He'll probably require a relatively large overslot bonus.

Tyler Wilson: RHP, Univ. of Virgina (Senior) (6'2", 190) (DOB=//)

He's a senior this year, so he doesn't have any leverage and should be an easy sign. Whoever drafts him will have until June of 2012 to sign him to a contract. Wilson was a setup man and long reliever his first 3 seasons at Virginia, so he wasn't picked until the 35th round of the 2010 draft even though he had very nice stats over those 3 seasons. In 2011 he was pushed into the starting rotation out of necessity, and he has responded well above even the highest expectations. From his stats you can see that he's been outstanding this year as Virginia's #2 starter (behind Danny Hultzen). Not only does he have an elite K-rate, but he also has pinpoint control. He has also held opponents to a cartoonish .193 batting average, so he's been fooling everybody. He has a lean and athletic frame, but he just about reached the top level of his projection. His delivery is loose, easy, and repeatable. He's a FB, CB, SL pitcher who throws in the low-90's, but can touch 94 at times. His FB is his best pitch, his slider is an above-average weapon with late, and mostly downward, movement, and his curveball is only average. He needs to develop his crude changeup into a relaible pitch if he wants to be a starter in the pros.

GS=13, IP=80.2, IP/St=6, ERA=2.45, FIP=3.11, WHIP=.93, BAA=.193, HR=4, K=102, BB=20, K/9=11.4, BB/9=2.2, K/BB=5.1
2011 stats updated weekly:

Live game - June 2009 Cape Cod League:
Live game - March 2010 vs. B.C.:

I would target Wilson beginning in the 5th round. He should be an easy sign at close to slot.

Trevor Story: RHH, SS/3B/OF, Irving HS, Irving, TX (6'1", 175) (DOB=11/15/92)
Potential 5-tool SS, with a very projectable frame, but raw. He's a 6.74 sec. runner in the 60, and has ++ arm strength (throws a 96 mph FB off of the mound). He also shows plus bat speed for a projectable plus power potential. He didn't impress with his play this spring as much as other HS prospects so he's slid a bit and there's not a lot being said or written about him. He could be a steal if he falls to the late supplemental round, or later, for a draft that's thin on high-upside HS kids that can play on the left side of the infield. He is an LSU commit.

BP + live game AB: 2010, August - Long Beach, CA:

I would target Story beginning in the supplemental round. He'll probably require a slightly overslot bonus.

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