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Post-game thread: Meh

There’s nothing worse than a fan whining about umpires. It seems kind of pathetic, really, blaming someone else for a team’s problems. Even if a strike zone is completely floaty and ludicrous -- as it was tonight for both teams, but it seemed like it really cost the Giants tonight -- it’s still a little sad to start a recap with umpire this and umpire that.

So, thank you Giants offense. Thank you for hitting so poorly tonight that it wasn’t an issue. I’m so grateful that after watching that game for almost three hours, that the crappy umpiring wasn’t the reason this game wasn’t so annoying. Really, I’m being totally serious. The lineup did a good thing by stinking so hard. They gave us a numbness that you can’t buy. So thaaaaanks a bunch.

I can't even fake that. It’s hard to get too annoyed about a single game following a winning streak. Matt Cain was imperfect with his command, and he didn’t get a couple of calls. It happens. Ricky Nolasco is good, and he was crazy efficient. No one wants to read this after a loss from a team that had been on a roll:

Seriously? Milt Gaston? MILT GASTON? The guy has a 5.17 ERA, and we couldn’t touch him? What a joke. Tony Lazzeri was awful tonight,and you knew that if Ruth got a homer, he’d do it without anyone on base. He’s funny like that. But Herb Pennock pitched the team out of the game early, so who cares? Terrible loss to a terrible Browns team.

Nah. The Giants have a 35-(-1) record in one-run games at home. They’ve walked off seven times. Take yer lumps, and move on. I’d rather spend my time making .gifs of Tim Lincecum’s first strikeout in the majors than worry about that game.