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Vote, then venture inside, lest your opinion be tainted by my sweet, sweet prose.

I think it's a silly argument. Sanchez was pitching fantastically. He had thrown 81 pitches. The bullpen wasn't exactly torn up, but Sanchez was pitching well and he wasn't laboring.

When he gave up two quick singles -- one hard hit, one not -- you knew Jim Tracy was going to bunt to put a runner at third with less than two outs. Tracy is asleep right now with pajamas, and on those pajamas are little cartoon drawings of bunts. So a runner on third with one out, who are the best strikeout pitchers for that situation? Romo? Yeah, he probably should have been the one to come in. Jonathan Sanchez with his control and a manageable pitch count, though, is not a ridiculous choice.

It's ridiculous that Rowand keeps playing. It's awful that Tejada doesn't get more than a day off every two weeks, and it's unconscionable that the team's best middle reliever pitches twice a month. But Sanchez starting the eighth in a game in which he didn't walk a batter is not an egregious offense.